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MASTERING WITH OUTBOARD GEAR (Gearslutz Weekend) 2-Days, 9am to 6pm

This course offers a deep insight into the workflow, advantages and disadvantages of the application of external outboard gear in the context of specific genres.

This course picks up where the Master Seminar ends. We take more time for pitching different tools against each other and blind test them extensively.
This is always an exciting and sometimes very surprising experience when having so many skilled ears together in a calibrated listening environment.

We will pitch various analog compressors and will also compare them with internal substitutes. This creates a more distinct feeling for the right compressor in the right working situation and is certainly a good chance to dig deep into the details and distinction of various brands and models.

We do the same thing with EQs by setting up EQs by Maselec, API, Neve, and Pultec as equal as possible (based on a concrete working situation) so that we build an aural memory of the particularities of the different brands and models. This way we can percept EQs as colors in order to be able to match the right choice to a particular situation. We will also make blind tests against software substitutes.

We also figure out how far we can go with the soft clipping of high end A/D converters and compare the behavior with software based soft clipping tools.

Our local dealer will ship further tools and toys to play with to have even a bigger choice. But the existing arsenal of high end outboard is already quite big.

This seminar is an indispensable possibility to get really deep into the advantages and pitfalls of analog outboard gear and for some geeks it can solve depression when worrying too much about what to buy first. It is actually impossible to do those things alone or in a compromised listening environment so that you really short cut a long journey of learning more about the particularities of outboard.

It is a “must do” for all gearslutz and users who want to get a feel for the proper choice of gear for specific working situations.


Here is a gear list of the Mastering Academy headquarters branch Hamburg:

Main: K&H
Nearfield: KS digital

Monitor & Mastering Controller
Dangerous Music: Monitor ST
Manley: Mastering Backbone
Dangerous Music: Liaison

Summing & Mix Controller:
NEVE: 8816
NEVE: 8804
Avid: Artist Mix (2x)
Avid: Artist Transport

Antelope: Eclipse 384-ADDA converter
Cranesong: Solaris (main DA)
Lynx Aurora 16: Mobile IO 2882 (16 channels for summing or external gear)
RME: HDSP AES32 (for PC)
RME: Fireface 400 (for Pinguin Audiometer Mac)

DAW & Utilities:
MAC: Mac mini (for Pinguin Audiometer)
PC: Audiokern
Emagic Amt8 & Unitor8

Studio One

All of MAAT
All of Sonnox
All of Nugen
All of UAD2 (16 Core)
All of Algorithmix
All of Leapwing
Pinguin PG-AMM Audio Multimeter
TC Powercore 6000
misc. further stuff…

Analog Outboard:
Pultec Ezp-1A (stereo pair by pulsetechniques)
SPL Tube Vitalizer
Maselec MEA2
NEVE 8803
Rupert Neve: Portico 542 (stereo pair)
Kush Calriphonic

Comp / Limiter:
Maselec: MLA 4
Maselec: MPL 2
Dangerous Music: Compressor
Roger Foote P4S ME (tuned)
Empirical Labs: EL8-X (stereo pair)
Serpent Audio: SB4000 (SSL clone with quad VCA)
Tegeler Magnetismus

Bricasti M7

BAE: 1272A (2x)
UA 610 (2x)
SPL Channel One (Talkback)


Neutrik: NPPA-TT-14-PT (3x)
Adam Hall 48way (3x)

Belden (Single & Multicore)

Acer tft (3x)
Samsung 65”

Enrollment fee: € 590,- (incl. V.A.T.) (€480,- for Master Seminar participants)
Seminar Schedule


Further on you will find a wide range of special video online courses on topics around mastering here, such as:

– Mastering for iTunes

– Mastering for Auro 3D-Headphone

– Mastering for Auro 3D (Cinema)

– Surround-Mastering

– Advanced M/S Mastering Techniques

– Authoring Multichannel Formats

… and much more…

This courses will come as single seminar and as series if topic requires. They will be „broadcasted“ as internet video cast with a good audio quality. Via chat option you can ask questions and participate in an interactive manner. If you have no time at the date scheduled you have the opportunity to watch a replay.

Detailed information, dates and prices will be published in time here.





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