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Students who have attended the MASTER SEMINAR have the opportunity to participate in the SUPERVISED MASTERING program. This allows you to collect mastering routine through distinct feedback by one of our top professionals during the whole mastering process. This will lead to best possible results of your and your clients masters.

A pool of internationally renowned mastering engineers from the USA, UK and Germany is available for this service. Friedemann Tischmeyer (Germany/USA) and Alan Silverman, (USA) belong to the team, to mention these two. We can already say so much: The team is a choice from the best available engineers, combining both: First class reputation and lots of experience to teach and explain things in a certain comprehensive and constructive manner, so that the feedback will inspire you to create much better results and let you grow higher than ever thought possible.

In order to apply for the examination to become Certified MA Mastering Engineer you have to collect a minimum of 5 Supervised Mastering sessions.

During examination you master an album which is provided by the MASTERING ACADEMY within a certain time frame.

Your work then is evaluated by Friedemann Tischmeyer, Alan Silverman and a third first class mastering engineer in written form. With successful examination you are Certified MA Mastering Engineer.

This qualifies you to apply for the MASTERING ACADEMY TRAINEE PROGRAM in order to receive mastering jobs from the MA network, and having the opportunity to open up an own MASTERING ACADEMY BRANCH. There is a range of prerequisites to fulfill to become trainee, which will be explained in the application process. It is our aim to offer our students a first class service and therefore we just accept first class trainees, who love to get better all the time and suck in knowledge like a dry sponge. MA trainees love to teach and getting the best out of a mix always, even on established paths or with new creative approaches. There are also particular requirements in acoustics and equipment. If this gets you excited, the MASTERING ACADEMY is happy to offer a secure basis for you to make your living.

Friedemann Tischmeyer gives Omid from Sao Paulo, Brazil one-on-one advice.

Because of the commonly existing distance Supervised Mastering sessions usually are arranged as Skype video calls. This allows screen sharing and file exchange for example of presets so that you are supported in the best way.

Each Supervised Mastering Session includes 2 h one-on-one time with one trainer of your choice. A session can be split into up to 4 small blocks. With every new Supervised Mastering you can change the trainer if desired.

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