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Supervised Mastering Program

As a Masters Seminar Graduate of the MASTERING ACADEMY the Supervised Mastering Program offers you the possibility to develop ten different case studies within this program. Your mastering work will be evaluated in several feedback cycles, so that you can put your skills into practice. By getting distinct feedback you will also recognize weaknesses in your acoustics and learn to compensate it. We coach you to achieve a secure decision-making ability in your own work environment and to get the most out of it. This gives you the advantage of getting even more security in your daily work with professional support. A pool of internationally renowned mastering engineers will be at your disposal. Friedemann Tischmeyer is also available for this service as well as other highly qualified colleagues from other European countries.

Procedure and methodology:

  • Each participant presents a work to the coach during a live online session, in which he provides a mix, master and short documentation about the steps that led to the present result via upload before the respective session.
  • First of all, you will receive feedback with possible optimization steps on the acoustic impression of your work, which will be heard under perfect acoustic conditions.
  • Your signal chain will be analyzed for optimization potential on the basis of which you will develop a new mastering version for another round of feedback.
  • If needed, the coach will demonstrate in a few minutes a “quicky master” of the mix and make it available to all participants to point a direction based on concrete audio examples (it is more effective if you can orient yourself using acoustic examples rather than verbal description with ambiguous attributes).
  • This course is fully LIVE via online streaming.
  • In order to provide all participants with the optimal learning potential, all participants agree to use mixes that the other participants can use during the coaching for practice purposes. 2/3 shortened versions of the mixes in 24bit resolution are sufficient for this purpose.
  • During this coaching, you can find out whether the tools you have set up meet your requirements for the desired goal. If required, you will pitch alternative plug-ins (for example, trial versions) using the ABX blind test method, thus optimizing your “tool collection”.
  • You will discover and compensate for acoustic misjudgements caused by acoustic deficiencies in your listening environment.
  • As part of this program, you will deepen and review your practice for the professional delivery of “Deliverables” (DDP, MfiT, Online, …)
  • Screen sharing and sharing preferences allow optimal support on the way to the best possible setting.

Duration of the course: 12 weeks á 1 session of 120 to 150 minutes

Exam to Certified Mastering Engineer

In the final exam, you master an unmastered album or EP provided by the MASTERING ACADEMY within a given timeframe. Your work will be examined and assessed in detail by a team led by Friedemann Tischmeyer. All essential quality characteristics for a professional work are evaluated and documented. The passed exam qualifies you as a Certified MA Mastering Engineer.



Ian Mono writes on Facebook:
“Pro-tip: Learn from a master! In this case it’s Friedemann Tischmeyer who I had the pleasure to learn from. This guy knows everything about mastering. He’s brutally honest and he finds every tiny mistake I make. This is the only way to learn. it’s a hard struggle but you if you push hard enough and be dedicated to become better at your craft you’ll be surprised what you can achieve! Looking for a shortcut? Well this is it… “


Masroor Sheidaei receives his MA certificate

Friedemann Tischmeyer gives Omid from Sao Paulo, Brazil one-on-one advice

Coaching session with HipHop star Cro

Bollywood star Vijay Anthony and his team for a one week coaching session in Hamburg

Vijay Anthony – Bollywood Star and Film Music Producer

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MA Graduate Carlos with Shakira


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