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After 19 years of Mastering Courses and already 8 years under the label MASTERING ACADEMY in many countries like USA, China, France, Belgium, and Germany we have now transitioned into the leading Online Academy offering best possible coaching for you.

Our studio is now the first and yet only Mastering TV alike Studio so that you can look over our shoulder and follow every move 1:1 from your own listening environment.
We can stream uncompressed PCM audio from your DAW and send our master bus out uncompressed in 24bit pcm to all our students.

The new Online courses replaces the former 5-day Master Seminar which is discontinued. This does not only reduce travel expenses; it also allows you to re-capture lectures in order to reduce learning redundancy.

Our claim is “LEARN MORE IN LESS TIME”! Mixing & Mastering are the most difficult to learn tasks in the life of an audio engineer.
MASTERING ACADEMY exactly focus on teaching these nonlinear tasks as successful teaching requires highly qualified teachers and one on one attention and feedback loops to be successful. Furthermore MASTERING ACADEMY is specialized on post-graduate knowledge which are usually not or insufficiently taught on Universities or private audio schools.

What ever your aim is: Becoming a professional mixing or mastering engineer or simply professionalizing your hobby to deliver satisfying pro level productions: MASTERING ACADEMY will lead you to archive your aim in the most efficient, fast, and cost-efficient way.

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Courses 2020

We have optimized our course plans so that you can join into the Pro Mixing Online Coaching and Master Seminar every month if seats are available!


WAVELAB 10 Training – powered by Mastering Academy

Mastering Academy offers two training formats for WAVELAB user:
All courses take place 4 times a year. As soon you have enrolled we get back to you with the next starting date.

From Mix to Master with WAVELAB Elements 10

Kurse 2020 – GERMAN: Der schnelle Weg vom Mix zum Master mit WAVELAB Elements10
Courses 2020 – ENGLISH: From Mix to Master with Ease – WAVELAB Elements 10

Mastering Power House for WAVELAB Pro 10 User

Kurse 2020 – GERMAN: Mastering Power House für WAVELAB Pro 10 Anwender
Courses 2020 – ENGLISH: Mastering Power House for WAVELAB Pro 10 User


Kim Wist, Mastering Engineer, about this course:
Friedemann is just so good with exceptionally deep insights in what he is doing. He’s also a very nice person and gives away everything he knows. I really enjoyed the course and looking forward for more. Highest recommendation!

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Mastering Academy in Toulouse (June 2013)

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