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You have already mixed numerous projects and watched countless YouTube videos or maybe completed training at SAE or a similar school and are still not really happy with your final results. Then you are right with us!
We accept talented autodidacts with a bite and sound engineers with 20 years of experience and Grammy in the luggage which find their way to us. Our groups are inspiring encounters with like-minded peers and often offer mutual enrichment well beyond the actual coaching time.

If you do not yet understand the signal flow and routing of a DAW mixer and a compressor is still a book with seven seals, then come to us as soon as you have mastered the basics and have gained a few years of mixing experience. We look forward to welcome you.

If you are still not sure whether you meet the requirements, then arrange a non-binding telephone appointment with one of our consultants: Get appointment.

… to enroll for the MASTER SEMINAR.

Do you feel insecure when it comes to SRC, dithering, applying the right amount of compression to your master, judging the ideal loudness, applying gear in the perfect order and stuff like that? You are producer or audio engineer with a solid experience in mixing and you want to make one step further; then you are right here!

A full-fledged mastering schooling would require at least 5 years full time studies.
Mastering is the supreme discipline in audio engineering. Therefore several skills and abilities are required in order to master mastering. The ability of mixing music on a high level is expected. Only if you know how to mix a song properly you can give adequate feedback if updates on insufficient mixes are required in order to bring the production to the next level. Your musical listening skills should be trained when you learned to play an instrument at least on semi-professional level. The mastery of harmonics is supportive.
Your technical listening skills can be extended during and after the MASTERING ACADEMY seminar. You should have the ability and basic sense for critical listening in order to hear very slight differences in audio processing. Good mastering is very often the result of the sum of very small enhancements.

The MASTER SEMINAR is determent to be a turbocharger for any inspired mixing engineer / producer even if you want to make mastering your sole passion or you just want to learn to raise your own productions to another stage. In any case, with this seminar you will have a huge impact on all areas of music production due to increased working skills and new inspirations.

Therefore the MASTERING ACADEMY is ideal for future Mastering Engineers AND for producers, engineers and musicians who want to enhance the whole production process.

Upon request, we now also offer the preparatory 17-week Pro Mixing Online Coaching, which will give you more security if you feel like you want to close any gaps here. For more information please look in the menu “Pro Mixing Online Coaching”.

Technical prerequisite for participation in online courses:

To enable high-quality coaching, we need to be able to engage in mutual screen sharing and play uncompressed audio from our DAW and play audio back to us while communicating with you at the same time. Please comply with the following easy to meet minimum requirements:

You should have a stable internet connection (ideally LAN) on your audio workstation (10MBPS download and 5 MBPS upload or more)
Your audio card should have either a loopback function to route the Masterbus output back to an input where we can tap it or the ability to route the Masterbus output to a second physical output, physically connecting it with a cable to another input to tap it from there.
Your sound card should be adjustable to 1024 samples latency.
Your sound card should be accessible via ASIO or Core Audio driver.
You need a simple camera and possibly a headset for communication during the coaching sessions. It is crucial to separate the talkback communication from the pure high-res audio connection by connecting the microphone of the USB camera or USB headset via USB with ZOOM while streaming audio through your sound card.


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