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Grammy for Mastering Academy student Carlos Hernandez:














We are happy to announce the first Grammy Engineer within the cycle of Mastering Academy participants:
Carlos Hernandez from Madrid/Spain got the “Recording of the year” Grammy for his work on the song ” La Bicicleta” by Shakira & Carlos Vives. The song has actually received an other Grammy for ” Song of the year” too.
Carlos Hernandez once joined a Mastering Academy seminar in New York City following the Supervised Mastering program which is going to be finished soon with the examination for “Certified Mastering Engineer”. Congratulation to Carlos! I am happy for you and also a little bit proud. I wish you all the best for a great career to come.
PS: The shot of Carlos & Shakira was taken 2am in the morning after a long studio session















January 2017:
Indian star actor and film music composer/producer Vijay Antony hired Friedemann Tischmeyer for an exclusive 5-day Master Seminar with two of his chief engineers:














On top of being main actor for many successful Indian blockbusters, Vijay composes and produces soundtracks for a wide range of movies in his studio complex in India. Vijay hired Friedemann to expand the skills of his team in the area of the arts of mastering. This individual course has allowed us to expand the mastering focused week also towards mixing, surround, R128 and LEQ, and many other topics around soundtrack production and finalization.


Press Release April 2014


5-day Mastering Seminar in NYC with Friedemann Tischmeyer & Alan Silverman!

Alan Silverman @ Arf Mastering, NYC

Mastering Academy NCY 023 Group Picture










Mastering Academy offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from three great mastering masters in an intensive 5-day seminar in June 2014 in NYC at Arf! Mastering.

The first two days will be used to detail different tools, work flows, metering, and the basics of advanced audio mastering.

The further three days are dedicated to working on mastering your mixes with hands-on time for all participants. Additionally, Alan Silverman, credited on over 50 Grammy nominated and winning albums, will reveal his strategies for mastering for a diverse range of major artists including Norah Jones, Earl Klugh, and Keith Richards.

Alan is a two-time nominee for Record of the Year and Album of the Year and his remix and mastering of the Americana cult-classic “Heartworn Highways” was selected by the editors of Sterophile as one of the “top 66 CDs of all time.”  Alan combines audiophile values with commercial realities.

Alan teaches the art of mastering at the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, and in the Tonemeister program at the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at NYU|Steinhardt.

Mastering Academy´s founder Friedemann, is an established German mastering engineer who has worked for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan and Iron Maiden and is know as mastering artist, finding the perfect match between dynamic preservation and commercial needs. He teaches mastering at the famous Pop Academy in Mannheim Germany, too, and has produced a highly successful series of instructional DVDs on Mastering, Mixing, and the recently developed R128 loudness normalization technology now implemented in broadcast and streaming world-wide. He has received an award for the best sounding German Album 2013.

Drew Cappotto, formerly chief tech at the renown music industry institution, Masterdisk, will contribute his point of view and experience on topics including Mastered for iTunes, DDP production, quality control, and mastering for indie clients.

Arf! Mastering is one of the largest and best equipped mastering rooms in New York City, with cutting edge analog and digital electronics, and state-of-the-art monitoring (

All together, this unique week-long seminar will offer a rich, versatile, current, and certainly sometimes controversial insight into the art of audio mastering.  We will work ITB as well as with external gear to give students a deep understanding of advantages and disadvantages of different tools and working approaches.

The course is limited to 8 participants in order to guarantee a great learning experience for all.


We had a great week together in New York!

Here are a few testimonials:

Hey Friedemann,I wanted to personally thank you again for putting this seminar together.
I gained a great deal of understanding that I previously didn’t fully understand even coming from
many years of engineering audio.
Mastering is definitely a craft and I am constantly wanting more knowledge to better my abilities.
It was also great to listen to your insight and your conferring with software developers as well.
There is so many software developers making crap with a pretty graphical interface and engineers
are being suckered into buying just to find out the thing sucks!Anyway a big thanks for all you did for us this past week!Also can you send me more info about Supervised Mastering?

Kevin Lively – KevinLivelyMastering USA


Hi all,

Yes…it has been an amazing experience!!.
I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot.
And I’m so thankful to you all for share your knowledges in such a natural way. Thanks!!


Carlos Hernandez – Madrid / Spain



It was a pleasure sharing the “stage” with all of you and learning from each other.
Much gratitude and respect for the time spent getting loads of information and having so many laughs.
Thanks for the great time. Open invitation anytime you all want to come down to Charlotte, NC.

Jorge Espinosa-Cruz


Hey guys!

I concur as well with everyones comments!
This last week was informative, eye opening and affirming in much of our practices in Mastering.
It was great hanging with you guys, very good times!
Friedemann, Alan & Drew a special thanks for your insight, workflows and processes you guys shared.
I know for myself this week was invaluable for my growth as a Mastering engineer.
And to the other guys, I wish you well in all of your regions of the world with your specific genres of music clients.
With this knowledge we can improve the efforts of making everyones music sound better everywhere!!


Hello Friedemann

thanks again for this amazing week in NY. Learned plenty of good things.

kind regards,
Lad Agabekov – Caduceus Mastering Geneva/Switzerland


Hi Friedemann – Alan – Drew – all ,

It was a great mastering week.

Learned a lot from you and as well as all other students across.


Sidhanath Buyao Mumbai / India

Hi Friedemann,
Great week and definitely the best recipe for teaching mastering I came across so far.

Alan Silverman

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