Make fast progress with Mastering Academy´s unique learning and coaching approach!

Mix & Master on competitive level.

At MASTERING ACADEMY you learn the complete knowledge base around Mixing & Audio Mastering and apply it practically. For the first time MASTERING ACADEMY offers a holistic skill enhancement with a perfect balance of theory, coaching, and hands-on training to become certified Mastering Engineer.

MASTERING ACADEMY focuses on the both most important and also difficult tasks of an audio engineer. This fills a huge gap in the landscape of audio engineering schools: The innovative approach to teach these nonlinear and complex skills.
Common audio schools can´t teach these skills in the required depth because of a lack of systematic didactic concepts combined with the required qualified one-on-one feedback loops due to the insufficient student-staff ratio.

If you want to short-cut your progress MASTERING ACADEMY is the perfect place for you.

Hands On Studio Weekend

The core module of the MASTERING ACADEMY is the 26-weeks MASTER SEMINAR (Online).
On demand the master seminar can be supplemented by the previous PRO MIXING ONLINE COACHING.

Please download this SEMINAR DIAGRAM to get an overview about the modules and how they fit into each other.

At MASTERING ACADEMY you will receive the best training to become skilled Mastering Engineer and you will get your brought along mixes mastered along the way.

Our target group are musicians, engineers and producers with a solid basic knowledge on mixing and audio engineering and the desire to enhance the overall sound quality of the production through learning everything about mastering. This has a strong impact on the whole production process even if one becomes a dedicated mastering engineer or continues to take care of the whole production.
The MASTERING ACADEMY is also ideal for professional mastering engineers in order to enhance skills, get  new impressions, learn alternative approaches you never thought of, get to know amazing gear.

Enhance Knowledge

Optimize Workflow

Get Up-To-Date With Latest Developments


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Founder and Mastering Specialist Friedemann Tischmeyer about the concept of MASTERING ACADEMY:

“Through my work as lecturer at Universities and audio engineering schools around the world I have learned that there is a huge demand for in-depth mixing and mastering training which includes more hands-on training and qualified feedback of the student´s work.

Existing schools usually teach a superficial insight into mastering which gives just a slight idea about the basic concept of mastering. Most teaching facilities lack acceptable room acoustics and I actually do not know a lot of schools with a well equipped mastering studio. Therefore we focus on online coaching with one-on-one feedback, and hands-on training in our well equipped mastering facilities. The concept is NOT aligned to ideal marketing considerations like “3-day seminars for a lower price and with bigger groups sell better”! The idea is to offer a seminar with the biggest possible knowledge transfer and learning curve. MASTERING ACADEMY continues where other seminars end…

Mastering engineers are usually self-educated today and the range of qualification and therefore quality of the services is huge. Some engineers have developed genius workflow models while others use strange approaches. If we apply a strict benchmark one can resume that about 90 percent of all mastering nowadays are technically imperfect!

It is my desire to change this for a better.”


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