At MASTERING ACADEMY you learn the complete knowledge base around Audio Mastering and apply it practically. For the first time MASTERING ACADEMY offers a holistic skill enhancement with a perfect balance of theory and hands-on training to become certified Mastering Engineer.

Mastering Academy in Galaxy Studios

Mastering Academy in Galaxy Studios, Belgium

The core module of the MASTERING ACADEMY is the MASTER SEMINAR.

On demand the master seminar can be supplemented by the PREPARATORY SEMINAR INTERNAL MIXING and subsequently by SUPERVISED MASTERINGS and SUPPLEMENTARY SPECIAL COURSES.

Please download this SEMINAR DIAGRAM to get an overview about the modules and how they fit into each other.

Here you find the most important information about the core seminar of the MASTERING ACADEMY:

6 to 8 engineer students come together for a one week intensive seminar in one of our professional mastering facilities in Europe and USA in order to melt theory with practice in an ideal manner.

After enrollment the students receive training material for theoretical preparation before the actual seminar week starts. This way we can apply the theoretical skills within the first 2 days already in a practical way and use the time efficiently to have a deeper look beyond the curtains.

Day 3 to 5 will be used for hands-on time. Each student will master the mix of another student. This way the students have a broad choice of case studies in order to apply the formerly learned skills with instant feedback of the instructor. Real life situations will be used to find the best solutions with a rich choice of professional tools (software & outboard gear).

Students can choose (before learned) individual workflow models in order to enhance personal skills based on personal work model preferences. This is important in order to be able to apply the learned skills in an optimum manner to the personal working environment. The approach also allows students to get a certain feel for required equipment acquisitions or environment updates to optimize personal working situations depending on personal aim and budget in a meaningful and efficient manner.

At MASTERING ACADEMY you will receive the best training to become skilled Mastering Engineer and you will get your brought along mixes mastered along the way. And you will get everything for the price of just one professional mastering! On top you will benefit from our student rebate program for professional mastering software and gear.
You can purchase your desired tools for rebates between 10 and 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab}. Read more here.

Our target group are musicians, engineers and producers with a solid basic knowledge on mixing and audio engineering and the desire to enhance the overall sound quality of the production through learning everything about mastering. This has a strong impact on the whole production process even if one becomes a dedicated mastering engineer or continues to take care of the whole production.
The MASTERING ACADEMY is also ideal for professional mastering engineers in order to enhance skills, get  new impressions, learn alternative approaches you never thought of, get to know amazing gear and so on.

Enhance Knowledge
Optimize Workflow
Get Up-To-Date With Latest Developments

Overview about the modules:

Read more about the curriculum of the MASTER SEMINAR.

Lecturer and Mastering Specialist Friedemann Tischmeyer about the concept of MASTERING ACADEMY:

“Through my work as lecturer at Universities and audio engineering schools around the world I have learned that there is a huge demand for in-depth mastering training which includes more hands-on training.

Existing schools usually teach a superficial insight into mastering which gives just a slight idea about the basic concept of mastering. In most teaching facilities is a lack of acceptable room acoustics and I do not know a school with a well equipped mastering studio. Therefore we focus on hands-on training in our well equipped mastering facilities. The concept is NOT aligned to ideal marketing considerations like „3-day seminars for a lower price and with bigger groups sell better“! The idea is to offer a seminar with the biggest possible knowledge transfer and learning curve. Small groups are ideal for mutual inspiration and one week is ideal to dive into another world of sonic subtleties so that the students have also a learning curve of the personal hearing faculties.  Where other seminars end MASTERING ACADEMY continues…

Mastering engineers are usually self-educated today and the range of qualification and therefore quality of the services is huge. Some engineers have developed genius workflow models while others use strange approaches. If we apply a strict benchmark one can resume that about 90{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} of all mastering nowadays are technically imperfect!

It is my desire to change this for a better.

Becoming a Mastering Engineer requires
to have the ability and experience to
create professional mixes. The one week
seminar is ideal as an intensive workshop
for experienced producers and mixing engineers
with a lot of space to solve concrete
challenges and situations with different
source material.
The participants are getting a huge value
because they learn how to optimize mixes
and they increase the service portfolio
with an attractive and important component
of the audio production chain.”

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