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Pro Mixing Online Coaching

Short description:
Get your mixes up to a professional level and learn everything to make your mixes competitive and mastering-ready.

Long description:
You feel that you have already made everything possible for a good mix and, in the final comparison with your favorite artists, you realize that your mix is ​​not that much
– punchy
– transparent
– assertive
– has enough depth and a great balance?
– Do you also have difficulty, with a good and controlled level management, to hit the perfect sweetspot between loud enough and not over-compressed / limited so that your mix is ​​ideally prepared for the mastering process?

Then you are perfectly right here. This coaching program teaches you what you do not learn about mixing in other audio schools. We coach you with highly qualified individual feedback on your mix to your goal, so that your production is mastering ready and then can keep up with your favorite artists. As part of this unique coaching program, 10 mixes (and one of them is yours) will be discussed in several rounds of feedback. Based on the feedback (and the general mixing strategies you have learned) you optimize your personal mix to the finish. You learn about your own production as well as 9 other genre-spanning productions of your participating colleagues.

These are the modules of the Pro Mixing Online Coaching with only 10 participants !:

  • Mixing book (pdf) → Preparation for seminar
  • Module 0: Welcome and Kick Off Module with Friedemann with first Q & A (Live)
  • Module 1: General Mixing Strategies 1 (3h Streaming Video)
  • Module 2: Stem Mixing Setup and Workflow. Fast mixing progress through Stem-Mixing
  • Module 3: General Mixing Strategies 2 (3h Streaming Video)
  • Module 4: Level Staging & Introduction Metering
  • Module 5: Four continuing videos about metering
    Provision of plug-in trial licenses to support goal achievement (MAAT = Mastering Academy Audio Tools)
  • Module 6: FIRST FEEDBACK ROUND – Friedemann gives live feedback based on your first mix and the stems you provide. In addition to verbal feedback Friedemann gives live sound examples to also support the verbal clues acoustically. The feedback rounds will be recorded and streamed to all participants, so you can carefully incorporate the feedback into your mix to be ready for the next round of feedback.
  • Module 7: Advanced Module Dynamics – A deep understanding of the dynamics processing tools will help you get there faster and easier.
  • Module 8: Continuing EQing module – A deep understanding of different minimal phase topologies, parallel vs. serial EQ architectures, and linear phase versus minimal phase EQs will help you find the right tool in the right situation.
  • Module 9: Continuing Depth Module with Early Reflections, Reverb, and Delay
  • Module 10: SECOND FEEDBACK ROUND – Your mix should already have reached the 90% final straight, so the feedback focuses on details to give the mix the finishing touches.
  • Module 11: THIRD (FINAL) FEEDBACK ROUND – Review the result, if necessary final feedback and match with first mix.

The modules are complemented by:

  • every two weeks a live Q & A sessions, also recorded and then made available online *.
    * Q & A sessions will be interspersed if the Q & A is not part of the module sessions
  • WhatsApp group with all participants

Access to all feedback rounds of course participants (live & streaming video)

To best serve you, this coaching program offers an ideal cocktail of prepared streaming modules, personal one-on-one feedback sessions, live Q & A sessions, and access to feedback from your peers.

Finally – after the successfully completed coaching program – you will receive a certificate of participation!

The modular flowing structure of coaching allows you to find your own pace and adjust your progress to your personal time available. If you want to get ahead quickly, because you might want to use coaching for a concrete production, you can go faster and if the coaching collides with a business trip, vacation or tour, you can also interrupt a few weeks and then continue again. If you do not have time on certain dates, you will then have access to the sessions, so you can always see everything and if you work in shifts, we can tailor your time for your feedback rounds.
The regular duration of the seminar is 3 months and can be stretched to 4 months and after prior consultation with our course coordinator to 5 months if needed.

To enroll for this seminar, just book a phone call.
You can also download this enrollment form and send it back to contact[at]



I work in Vienna as a musician and composer for a wide variety of music genres.
Through the mixing coaching with Friedemann I wanted to raise my productions to a professional level.
Although the course is not yet finished, I am very satisfied with my progress and I have already successfully released my mix.

Friedemann is an absolute connoisseur of his subject and I noticed in the first Mix Review where my problems lie.
Thanks to the high-res audio streaming connection, it is possible to retrace every intervention he makes on the mix in top audio quality.
In the recorded sessions I could then follow up at each hand move and change again and apply it to my mix.

Likewise Friedemann is very patient with the students concerning any questions and always very helpful. So he has already answered many of my questions in between in the WhatsApp group.
Finally, I would like to say that I really appreciate the sympathetic mood that Friedemann promotes in the group and that he absolutely stands by his word to lift my stylistically very different music mix to a professional level.

Many thanks to the whole team!

Nicholas from Vienna – July 2019


Hello people! I was looking for warmth, pressure and a frequency band distribution that includes everything to get my mixes to the next level. Made aware by social media, I came to Mr. Tischmeyer. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, which completely vanished from session to session. And now I am happy that I have decided to do so.
As I have achieved my aim now you will hear from me soon!

Greets Christian [Hallsuppe] – Salzburg – July 2019


The course with Friedemann has really helped me.
Thanks to his broad expertise, I was able to massively expand existing knowledge and immediately apply the gained knowledge to my own productions – the development was quickly noticable.

The course was particularly helpful in connection with the “Internal Mixing” book and the accompanying videos.
Through the numerous Q & A sessions, in which emerging issues had been addressed in detail, the learned knowledge could ingrain become part of my working skills.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who intends to achieve professional and competitive results in a very short time.

Timo Kammerer – July 2019


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