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Alan Silverman @ Arf Mastering, NYCWe are happy to announce our new partner studio in New York City! is located in the legendary DuArt building just a few steps away from Broadway just a 5 minutes walk from Central Park.
The roomy mastering studio has been built in Jimmy Hendrix first studio room and offers ideal dimensions for an open and flat listening environment.

The studio is operated by 53 Grammy Award mastering engineer ALAN SILVERMAN, who has mastered beautiful albums for artists such as Norah Jones, Keith Richards, and many more.

Upcoming seminars:

March 2 to 6 2015 we will host a SPECIAL 5 day Master Seminar, hosted by Friedemann Tischmeyer, Alan Silverman & Drew Cappotto!
This is a very rare opportunity to learn from 3 experienced mastering professionals within one seminar!

Enrollment fee: USD 2,990

Enrollment form

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Here are a few testiminials from our last seminar June 2014:

Hey Friedemann, I wanted to personally thank you again for putting this seminar together.
I gained a great deal of understanding that I previously didn’t fully understand even coming from
many years of engineering audio.
Mastering is definitely a craft and I am constantly wanting more knowledge to better my abilities.
It was also great to listen to your insight and your conferring with software developers as well.
There is so many software developers making crap with a pretty graphical interface and engineers
are being suckered into buying just to find out the thing sucks!Anyway a big thanks for all you did for us this past week!Also can you send me more info about Supervised Mastering?Best,
Kevin Lively – KevinLivelyMastering USA*****************************Hi all,Yes…it has been an amazing experience!!.
I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot.
And I’m so thankful to you all for share your knowledges in such a natural way. Thanks!!Best!!,Carlos Hernandez – Madrid / Spain



It was a pleasure sharing the „stage“ with all of you and learning from each other.
Much gratitude and respect for the time spent getting loads of information and having so many laughs.
Thanks for the great time. Open invitation anytime you all want to come down to Charlotte, NC.

Jorge Espinosa-Cruz


Hey guys!

I concur as well with everyones comments!
This last week was informative, eye opening and affirming in much of our practices in Mastering.
It was great hanging with you guys, very good times!
Friedemann, Alan & Drew a special thanks for your insight, workflows and processes you guys shared.
I know for myself this week was invaluable for my growth as a Mastering engineer.
And to the other guys, I wish you well in all of your regions of the world with your specific genres of music clients.
With this knowledge we can improve the efforts of making everyones music sound better everywhere!!


Hello Friedemann

thanks again for this amazing week in NY. Learned plenty of good things.

kind regards,
Lad Agabekov – Caduceus Mastering Geneva/Switzerland


Hi Friedemann – Alan – Drew – all ,

It was a great mastering week.

Learned a lot from you and as well as all other students across.


Sidhanath Buyao Mumbai / India

Hi Friedemann,
Great week and definitely the best recipe for teaching mastering I came across so far.

Alan Silverman




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