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Master Seminar

Short description:
26-week complete course, which conveys extensive knowledge and practical exercises on all aspects of modern mastering.
The live mastering coaching will strengthen your decision making ability when building up your mastering chain so that you learn to create high level compative masters.
Become Certified Mastering Engineer.

Target group:
This course is equally ideal for participants who want to delve deeply into mastering for their own needs, as well as for practicing and future mastering engineers who want to deepen and expand their knowledge and experience.

Watch Friedemann explaining the Master Seminar in this short video:

The Master Semianr consists of 3 blocks:

  • Block 1 – Mastering Theory
    Duration: 15 weeks
    Comprehensive imparting of a wealth of knowledge and theory in connection with exercises
    15 modules accompanied by ongoing live Q&A sessions

  • Block 2 – Mastering Coaching
    Duration: 11 weeks
    In this live coaching program we develop up to 10 mastering processes until we have achieved our aim of a high level competative and release-ready master. You will receive detailed feedback on your mastering chain and work. We pitch the masters of the participants to each other and learn from them about the choice and setting of the tools used.
    The coaching sessions are available as video replays in order to optimally implement the feedback from the sessions and to get a secure feeling for the mastering process and ultimately great decision-making certainty.
    The coaching sessions are carried out with our 24-bit audio streaming technology, which allows you to hear the feedback optimally in your own listening environment.

  • Block 3 – Examination to become Certified Mastering Engineer
    After individual appointment coordination, you master an EP with all commissioned deliverables within 48 hours.
    We analyze your result meticulously and give you a final 1 on 1 feedback in connection with the evaluation.
    You become certified mastering engineer.

Summary of keyfacts:

  • Duration: 26 weeks
  • Q&A live sessions (every second week) throughout the whole seminar duration.
  • 11 weeks of live coaching sessions
  • 24bit pcm audio streaming directly on your monitors thoughout live coaching sessions
  • Replay video available as download and streaming subsequent to coaching sessions
  • Accompanying WhatsApp group with moderation where you can connect and exchange with your peers
  • EDU-partnership program with access to products of leading software manufacturers with up to 50% off
  • Use all tools for free throughout the whole seminar
  • Final examination with 1 on 1 feedback
  • Become Certified Mastering Engineer
  • Get access to Apple Digital Master (formerly MfiT) program

For pricing and enrollment information please register for a free personal phone consultation.

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Ian Mono writes on Facebook:
“Pro-tip: Learn from a master! In this case it’s Friedemann Tischmeyer who I had the pleasure to learn from. This guy knows everything about mastering. He’s brutally honest and he finds every tiny mistake I make. This is the only way to learn. it’s a hard struggle but you if you push hard enough and be dedicated to become better at your craft you’ll be surprised what you can achieve! Looking for a shortcut? Well this is it… “

Just finished my mastering course and, to say the truth, it was amazing. Working in real time, in a video conference, it’s a real game changer. Friedemann is a great person, really professional but at the same time friendly. It was also fun in many situations. Hope to have others opportunities to follow sessions like that.
Fabio Bigaglia


Friedemann is just so good with exceptionally deep insights in what he is doing. He’s also a very nice person and gives away everything he knows. I really enjoyed the course and looking forward for more. Highest recommendation!
Kim Wist

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