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The MASTER SEMINAR starts every day at 9 am and ends at 6pm with 1h lunch, brain & ear break.

This is roughly the curriculum so far; it can be spontaneously extended:

  • Basic Workflow Approaches
    Learn the most important and established workflow models of various top mastering engineers. Picking the right workflow approach is prerequisite to choose the proper mastering software and gear.
  • Overview about advantageous and disadvantageous of leading mastering DAWs
  • All about bits and word-length as well as advantageous of floating-point processing
  • Oversampling and benefit for mastering
  • Dealing with sample frequencies and sample rate conversion: slight differences count for better results
  • Bit mapping and dithering
  • Wordclock, jitter and wiring
  • The truth about True Peak Level and why SPPM is outdated
  • Everything about metering and an introduction into R128 / BS 1770
  • How do I find the ideal „point of trade off“ in conjunction with loudness?
    (or how far can I go with compression without destroying the sound integrity of the recording)
  • Approaches to get it loud (just for the sake of completeness)
  • Important aspects of the Loudness War
  • Technologies for „dynamic mastering“ with and without analog gear
  • PQ editing incl. ISRC and EANMastering Academy Hamburg 15Hz
  • DDP protocol and CD protocol
  • M/S mastering technology
  • Listening strategies in mastering practice
  • Bass – mid – presence – balancing
  • Different compression approaches
  • Supporting spatial depth
  • How to get a mix out of the cardboard box
  • Different EQs and how to use it in mastering
  • Multi EQing strategies in mastering for discreet results
  • Beneficial side effects of phase “faults”
  • Application of tape saturation
  • Internal plug-ins versus outboard gear
  • Chain of sound processing tools
  • Introduction into restoration
  • Documentation of mastering jobs
  • Dealing with clients: Attended & non-attended sessions, dealing with cycles, pricing your services, customer characteristics and how to deal with it
  • ftp handling and safe transfer of audio data
  • A lot of hand-on time to apply the leaned skills and concepts
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