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As Certified MA Mastering Engineer you are qualified, to apply for the MASTERING ACADEMY TRAINEE PROGRAM.

The MASTERING ACADEMY TRAINEE PROGRAM is exclusively for upcoming franchise partners of the MASTERING ACADEMY.

These are the prerequisites to become franchise partner of the MASTERING ACADEMY:

– Certified MA Mastering Engineer
– Proper (specified in detail) technical requirements plus room acoustics
– Joy, talent and experience to teach
– Willingness for continuous self education
– Active Mastering Engineer
– Your city has a proper infrastructure suitable for a MASTERING ACADEMY.
xxBeneath a bunch of German cities there are a lot of European and American metropolises qualified

Your benefits:

– Territory protection
– Enrollments are managed by headquarter so that your administrative effort is low
– You give seminars in coordination with the headquarter and receive a good share
– You can rent out your studio to students if wanted and capacity available
– You can get Mastering jobs from the MASTERING ACADEMY pool
– Marketing is managed by the headquarter of the MASTERING ACADEMY
– You create a safe living

Further information on request after participation at a MASTER SEMINAR

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