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All participants will receive purchase rebates up to 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} for a period between of up to 12 month on software and hardware products in the domain of mastering. MUSIC STORE Cologne is our exclusive retail partner.

Examples:Just Music Logo

– FLUX software: 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– MAGIX Sequoia: 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Algorithmix products: 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Nugen software: up to 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– many sonic studio – soundBlade products:
Xup to 70{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} (!!!!!)
– all Sonoris software (e.g. DDP Creator): 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– all Sonnox plug-ins: 50{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate (valid just 2 weeks after master course)
– all MAAT.digital: See MAAT´s EDU program
– all Universal Audio plug-ins: Rebate coming soon!

soundBlade by sonic studio

– Brainstorm: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– buzzaudio: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Dangerous Music: on request
– Drawmer: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– GML: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Grace Design: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Grimm: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Lehmann Audio: on request
– Manley: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Mojave: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Phoenix Audio: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Pinguin: on request
– RME: on request
– Smyth Research: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– SPL: on request
– Universal Audio Hardware: 10 {83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Vovox: 10{83936f59cfb5da343269a5d801de3530546ccbc7f6f0ddf7bf19ef4661e737ab} rebate
– Weiss Audio: on request

* applies for purchase of Steinberg EDU software in conjunction with a Master Course or during the course of a supervised mastering program.
Steinberg rebates are not available after certification.

Get more details during the seminar week.


Specially for MASTERING ACADEMY alumni:
You will have the exclusive opportunity to
book studio time in our mastering facilities
in order to get more practice and/or use the
studio to do your third party jobs.

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