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MASTERING ACADEMY offers a partner program with a growing network of excellent mastering studios operated by certified MASTERING ACADEMY mastering engineers.
These Partner Studios offer MASTERING ACADEMY courses and first class mastering services for sophisticated customers with high expectations for the best sonic results in terms of a perfect balance between loudness versus dynamic, depth, frequency balance and unity.

What´s the vision?

After 2 decades of loudness wars and hyper-compression we have reached a turning point back to more audiophile music releases.
Trends like iTunes Radio (loudness normalization), and High Resolution Audio platforms are leading the way back towards more dynamic music releases.
Many major mastering houses stick too much to the habit of hyper-compression so that this trend creates new business opportunities for audiophile mastering engineers.

MASTERING ACADEMY cooperates with High Res platforms as aggregator for High Res content. This creates add values for mastering customers (by giving access to attractive distribution channels) and therefore creates attractive additional income in the area of advanced mastering services.

MASTERING ACADEMY offers a platform for upcoming talented Mastering Engineers to participate from this trend.

Certified MASTERING ACADEMY partners will be able to create a stable living by offering seminars and maintaining mastering services acquired by the MASTERING ACADEMY network. MA headquarters is responsible for marketing and administration of seminars and mastering jobs and the franchisee earns a fair share without having a big risk in terms of high financial commitments (in terms of franchise fees).

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