Learn Audio Mastering in one of our professional mastering studios / affiliate studios in Cologne (Germany), Galaxy Studios - Brussels (Belgium) or Santa Cruz (California).

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Is it worth to use analog outboard gear and if yes what kind of gear? Which mastering DAW is ideal for my personal workflow approach? How much can I charge for my mastering service? What do I have to do to upgrade my studio to a proper standard?

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At MASTERING ACADEMY you learn the complete knowledge base around Audio Mastering and apply it practically. For the first time MASTERING ACADEMY offers a holistic skill enhancement with a perfect balance of theory and hands-on training to become certified Mastering Engineer.


1The MASTERING-ACADEMY has influenced and enriched my work in any aspect.
The workshop is a kind of obligation for everybody with the claim to deal very professional and advanced with digital audio.

Manfred Stöckl
Recording Engineer Germany (core area: classical music)

I have attended the Mastering Academy and it was superior!
The week passed by like nothing and I learned more than during my complete SAE bachelor instruction.
Friedemann instills real practical knowledge and I´ve got answers on numerous questions I brought along.
Despite I do not want to become dedicated mastering engineer I can apply the new skills and knowledge in all areas of music production.
Suddenly my mixing becomes better and I come with my own mastering to amazing results.
On top of that I knew after the seminar exactly which tools are important and which not so that I have invested my budget perfectly.
This has saved time and money and the purchase rebates through Mastering Academy have payed back the full seminar fee.
My resume: I recommend the seminar to any inspired and motivated mixing engineer and producer.
Alex (Munich)
Audio Engineer & Producer

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2Sample Rate Conversion


3All students of the MASTERING ACADEMY participate in a rebate program for pro audio gear.
Just show your certificate at the MUSIC STORE and get 10% off on Universal Audio, Drawmer, Vovox and many other pro audio manufacturers.


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